1. I get an error saying to check my cell service when I have full service. The altitude spins for more than 30 seconds with no result.

Check to see that you have Location Services enabled. On your phone, go to Settings →Privacy→Location Services and find ‘ExploreMore’ on the list. It should be switched on.

Allow 30 seconds for a full satelite lock.

2. Why does my altitude change?

Altimeter uses satellite lock and GPS to find your location and depends on signal strength and nearby towers for accuracy. You should allow up to 30 seconds for the most accurate data, although data will be updated in the app as it comes in. This is why your altitude seems to change. It will continue to update until service is stopped.

3. Improving Accuracy

Altimeter works best outside, clear of tall buildings or anything that would obstruct locating a satellite signal. While it will operate without cell service or wifi, it is most accurate with strong signals from both.

Allow 30 seconds for it to lock on your signal.

Altimeter is not meant to take the place of professional equipment. It is for entertainment purposes only. And bragging to your friends of course.

4. How does ‘Altimeter’ know my altitude?

Altimeter uses the iPhone’s built in GPS.

5. Can I change the background pictures?

Not yet. Maybe in version 2.

6. Who are the athletes in the background photos?

All of these athletes are people like yourself who love nature, love their sport and are continually reaching for higher highs. None are paid athletes. The idea was to portray normal people doing what they love and pushing their own limits.

Click here to see a full list of the athletes and photographers.